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SWHRIOPD is a sub-brand of Suzhou SWHRIOPD Garments Co., Ltd and it is also a registered trademark in United States.Our production line has 300 employees, the factory an area of more than 5000 square meters, has a complete supply chain and high resource configuration.We can produce as much as 4.5 million sets of senior wedding accessories, petticoat, gloves, veil, wedding shoes, and other kinds of clothing,embroidery,machine embroidery, bead embroidery,etc every year.Currently we are among one of the highest quality production line manufacturers in China.SWHRIOPD has many senior and experienced designers, make the thousands of mainstream design every year , leading the international market tide.The products have already stepped into high-end markets of Germany,Italy,United Kingdom,United States, Russia and other developed countries.Our products exported to worldwide,it is very popular and favored by customers in various countries. Facing the new opportunities and challenges,our company take the goal "Quality is the life, Innovation is the way ",aiming to build famous worldwide brand and provide first-rate service. All the pictures we upload are taken by our own model. All the items can be customized,purchased. We can also do mass production and take various types of business.Welcome merchants from domestic and overseas to visit beautiful“city of wedding dress”----SuZhou




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Suzhou Industrial Park Area
No.208 Songjiang Road
106 Room, No.6 Lan Building,No.